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Varied companies from different industries trust Prahaa for their incentives.


Effortless Incentive Management

Harness the power of self-service configuration, pre-built incentive recipes, pre-defined user reports, and seamless report distribution. Simplify your incentive operations in one secure platform.

Self service

You can set up and launch your incentives in under 12 minutes.

Pre-built recipes

Choose from our pre-implemented incentive plans by simply configuring your data fields

Pre-defined incentive statements

We have pre-created user-centric incentive statements based on the recipe selected.

Distribute statements over email

No need for logins to manage distribution efforts. Representatives can access it anytime over email, the most reliable communication medium.


Transform Your Incentives Process in under 3 Hours

Cultivate incentive transparency, save monthly processing hours, access historical records online, and introduce new components in under 15 minutes.

Effortless Incentive Deployment in <3 Hours

Streamline your incentive system quickly and efficiently, boosting your business's productivity. It's very easy to set up.

Transparent Rep Payment Clarity

Empower your sales representatives with a crystal-clear understanding of their incentive earnings on an intuitive, visual incentive scorecard.

Monthly Time Savings Unleashed

Reclaim valuable hours every month by automating your incentive processes. Spend time on more value-added exercises